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Gen Z is no longer just a talking point - they are real consumers, creating drastic change, and driving brands to do better.

76% Believe we as Gen Z will make headway on important issues.

90% Believe today’s companies must drive impactful action too.

75% will suffer a mental illness before the age of 25.

90% will suffer a physical symptom from stress.

56% will explore entrepreneurship or side hustles before the age of 28.

88% prefer omnichannel brand experiences.

68% expect brands to contribute to society.

61% are willing to pay more for products that are produced ethically and sustainably.

55% use their phones for 5+ hours/day. Another 26% use their smartphones for 10+ hours/day.

95% use another device while “watching” TV.

61% have purchased a product online in the last month through mobile.

54% say social media influences them more than any other marketing channel.

No seriously,
a Gen Z ad agency.

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